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Bakura UP by TweakedRabbit Bakura UP :icontweakedrabbit:TweakedRabbit 1 6 I will Become BAKURA by TweakedRabbit I will Become BAKURA :icontweakedrabbit:TweakedRabbit 1 2 Hair Armature for Bakura by TweakedRabbit Hair Armature for Bakura :icontweakedrabbit:TweakedRabbit 1 1 Fearie Doodle by TweakedRabbit Fearie Doodle :icontweakedrabbit:TweakedRabbit 1 0 Practiceeee by TweakedRabbit Practiceeee :icontweakedrabbit:TweakedRabbit 0 0 JackHammerManefesto by TweakedRabbit JackHammerManefesto :icontweakedrabbit:TweakedRabbit 3 0 Bakura Wig (Bare) Armatures by TweakedRabbit Bakura Wig (Bare) Armatures :icontweakedrabbit:TweakedRabbit 1 3 Untitled Drawing by TweakedRabbit Untitled Drawing :icontweakedrabbit:TweakedRabbit 1 0 Tweak Tweak by TweakedRabbit Tweak Tweak :icontweakedrabbit:TweakedRabbit 1 0 mehhhh by TweakedRabbit mehhhh :icontweakedrabbit:TweakedRabbit 0 0 So Old by TweakedRabbit So Old :icontweakedrabbit:TweakedRabbit 0 0 Such an Old Picture. XD by TweakedRabbit Such an Old Picture. XD :icontweakedrabbit:TweakedRabbit 0 0 This Writer Doesn't Sleep A Lot by TweakedRabbit This Writer Doesn't Sleep A Lot :icontweakedrabbit:TweakedRabbit 2 2
A warm bundle of cells, a gentle sweep of life brooding and growing deep inside the thickness, the heat, the watery, bloody lake of blood and amniotic fluid. Outside, two hands press into skin, probing against the thin skin of the cavern. A soft squirming ensues.
:icontweakedrabbit:TweakedRabbit 1 2
Without Conviction.
So close. My hands trembled as they brushed up against his high cheekbones, gently clasping them. My fingers, flushed pink, seemed out of place against his pale skin. His lips, the colour of warm peach, curled into a smile.
"You're shaking," he said. He seemed almost pleased by my anxiety. My thumb gently swept across the expanse of skin, and my teeth caught my lip, biting down.
His own hands raised, elegant long fingers outstretched, and caught my face. His eyes were burning with amusement, his white lashes lowered. He pushed my face up and leaned in close, tilting his head. He paused, barely a few centimeters away from my mouth. My lip trembled and a shiver ran through me.
"S-stop playing with me," I said weakly, but even he knew I didn't mean it.
:icontweakedrabbit:TweakedRabbit 1 2
Inspired By Rumour
White fluffy hair stuck up at every angle and thick lashes slit barely open, he stared with lazy intent that would seem casual and even bored to most, but I could see the tightness in his body. My own body was tense in response, knowing just how quickly he could move when he was inspired to. He was like a cat- a cat with some sharp claws when he could be bothered to react. His white and blue stripped top was lazily strewn up, revealing the lines of his hips, the gorgeous bronze skin.
He made a soft humming noise and stretched. He wasn't inspiring the harsh rumors I'd heard of him, but always it was on my mind. It was playing more than few tricks on my haphazard mind.
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Bakura by bdrc Bakura :iconbdrc:bdrc 3 0 Greed For The Millemium Ring by pineapple-prince Greed For The Millemium Ring :iconpineapple-prince:pineapple-prince 33 6 Evil Kitty Bakura (Sebastian) by YamiArah Evil Kitty Bakura (Sebastian) :iconyamiarah:YamiArah 17 8 My shadow by Julesie My shadow :iconjulesie:Julesie 16 10 Daydreamer Ryou by Shaami Daydreamer Ryou :iconshaami:Shaami 141 60 Bakura by indecisivepancake Bakura :iconindecisivepancake:indecisivepancake 465 151 Blue-eyes white wedding by indecisivepancake Blue-eyes white wedding :iconindecisivepancake:indecisivepancake 386 162 Duck Hunt by PeachyRoo Duck Hunt :iconpeachyroo:PeachyRoo 17 1 Write me back- Page 2 by kamy2425 Write me back- Page 2 :iconkamy2425:kamy2425 37 6 No sleep cause of y'all by SpookyDork No sleep cause of y'all :iconspookydork:SpookyDork 19 10 Conspiring Sandwich by kamy2425 Conspiring Sandwich :iconkamy2425:kamy2425 57 13 YuGiOh - Thief King / Ryou in Gold by Gatobob YuGiOh - Thief King / Ryou in Gold :icongatobob:Gatobob 72 29 Abracadabra Yu-Gi-Oh! Thiefshipping by XSheri-MoonX Abracadabra Yu-Gi-Oh! Thiefshipping :iconxsheri-moonx:XSheri-MoonX 27 2 Date Crashers - cover by WhiteGamma Date Crashers - cover :iconwhitegamma:WhiteGamma 449 180 Photography by al7ooob Photography :iconal7ooob:al7ooob 504 80
Ryou's Song, Prologue
Apartment 601 was cold that night.
Cold and dark.
Outside, a late-December blizzard was relentlessly pummeling Domino City. Snow came down in thick white sheets, piling up on streets, cars, buildings, and anything else unfortunate enough to be outside in such ungodly weather.
Nearly all the windows in Apartment 601 had their curtains tightly drawn in the hopes of blocking out the frigid storm. The living-room was almost completely dark, the electric glow emanating from the television screen the only light source. Other than that, the whole apartment was pitch black and still.
Across from the TV sat the coffee table, numerous empty bottles of beer and alcohol littering its wooden surface. Parallel to the coffee table was the sofa, the largest, most prominent piece of furniture in the living room.
And finally, lying sprawled out and unconscious upon said sofa was none other than one of the two residents of Apartment 601, Yami Bakura. The light from the TV (which was showing some
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Maria Walton
Artist | Professional | Literature
United Kingdom
I am a writer that is currently working on several short stories. I have a facebook page I will update frequently on, and I will eventually be putting my work on Amazon for a reasonable price. :)

I like fantasy and horror best of all, and yes, I squeal when things in films make me jump. :P


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Bakura UP
I will eventually become Bakura. When I'm a little less blind.
I will Become BAKURA
So the top may not be perfect, but I spent the day sewing the white stripes on, so... for now, it's what I'll use. I have the jeans, trousers, wig (I do wanna trim it a bit though, give it some set form with hairspray) so my main thought now is making the Sennen Ring. So, when I eventually get that sorted and get a mask of make up, I'll give you full complete Bakura 101. 
Hair Armature for Bakura
Only done the half shown as I'm waiting for it to dry, but here's my Bakura armature so far, as explained by Shendin  
I'm newly starting out on youtube. If anyone's interested, here's a link:…

I have a facebook page here:…

Website here:…

Feel free to talk to me on any of them, watch, follow, whatever. :)


Shoulders up commission
exactly what it sounds like. XD Done on Pokemon Art Academy for now because I'm slowly adjusting. 


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